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      Marking the end of World War One hostilities on 11 November 1918

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    Tivey Family Tree, by Jan Tivey. A must read for researchers..
    Index of Tivey, Tivy General Register Office references
    World War 1 information
    British War Medals WW1
     Melbourne, Derbyshire. Tivey parish marriages by Blanche Norton
    Melbourne, Derbyshire. Tivey parish burials by Blanche Norton


This project was initiated in 2001 to record, index and compile a databases for those born in the UK with the Tivey and Tivy surnames, the people they married, and is still very much a "work in progress".
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A wealth of Tivey data, and family trees will be found at Jan Tivey's site by clicking on the link above. The site you are presently on serves only as a source of some base UK records

Index of Tivey, Tivy General Register Office references  is a document compiled from entries taken from GRO indexes 1837 - 2013 with a few extra 'missing" entries inserted for clarity. Added to this data is the work down by the late Lawrence Tivey in the years prior to online data being available. His attention to detail and far reaching research is a valuable research tool for those researching the Tivey surname in England and Wales.

As many researchers will have observed the surname Tivey, Tivy, Twey and Tivvy can be interchanged, and the spellings within families may not have always been consistent. Some Tivey families have been transcribed as Sivey due to the capital T looking like a S to the transcribers. There were unrelated Sivey families around as well. Only a few TIVY entries, for the Irish families of that spelling are included here, then usually because other life events for the same person have been recorded as TIVEY. A few TIVEY people have been indexed by the GRO as TIVY at times, just to complicate research.

Alongside the GRO registration details at this site are columns to indicate actual place of the event where known, and the actual date of the event, again where known.

Click here  to open the database which has added to it recently the data from the 1939 Register and wills probate information.

This compiled list is intended as a guide only and original sources must be consulted to verify the information presented here.

The files are in pdf format and can be viewed online using Adobe Acrobat with your web browser. Move the mouse pointer to bottom centre of your screen to see if the Adobe dialogue panel appears. If not then open the Adobe Reader program on your PC, click on Edit, go to and click on Preferences at the bottom of the drop down list, click on Internet, at the top where it reads "Web Browser Option" click in the box. 

Searching the data: You may need to have Adobe Reader running on your system to be able to open and read pdf files which display. If you don't see the Search function the press Ctrl and F keys together to open a search dialogue box.


A census with names included was held in England, Scotland and Wales every 10 years from 1841. Information is closed for 100 years, so the 1921 census will not be released until the first business day of 2022. The databases below now include data from the 1939 register of England and Wales . The Register was compiled 29 September 1939, and released version has the details of those born 1919 and later redacted, unless they died prior to 1991. Names of some single females who married Tivey males after September 1939 are included also at the end of the document.

The 1841 census did not include the relationships between those in same house, place of birth was simply "born in county of residence at census time YES or NO". Ages were rounded down to the nearest 5 years for those aged over 16 Using 1851 census and other information, data shown here for 1841 has been "constructed" to add in data missing from the original. The 1939 census was actually just a record of who lived where, their birth dates and their occupations. Using other data the relationships shown have been "constructed" and where known places of birth included.


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